1892-97 – Aldenham House, Elstree, Hertfordshire

SM 27 – Aug 13

George Henry Gibbs inherited Aldenham House from his cousin, Sarah Noyes – a descendent of Robert Hucks – when she died in 1842.   He never actually lived in it, however – partly because his family home was at Tyntesfield, near Bristol, and also because Aldenham House was let to other tenants at the time.[i]  Continue reading “1892-97 – Aldenham House, Elstree, Hertfordshire”

1905-13 – London Zoo, Regent’s Park, London

SM 26 – Jul 13

It may not be generally known that James Pulham and Son did some work at the London Zoo, but this is a place in which I have some personal interest, because my grandfather, Frederick Hitching, was responsible for some of it.   When my brother and I were children, he often used to tell us stories about the various places at which he had worked, and one of these was London Zoo, where he said he worked on the Sea Lion Pond and the Monkey Enclosure. Continue reading “1905-13 – London Zoo, Regent’s Park, London”

1909 – Elmstone Court, near Canterbury, Kent

SM 25 – Jun 13

Elmstone Court is an elegant Grade II listed Georgian country house, set in the lovely rural countryside of the small village of Preston, near Canterbury, Kent, and Fig 1 looks across the stream to the back lawn of the house.   The inclusion of its garden in this series of essays on Pulham gardens came about by pure accident, because it was not included in any listing of Pulham gardens at the time my book, Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy, was published.   Continue reading “1909 – Elmstone Court, near Canterbury, Kent”

1906-07 – Belper River Gardens, Derbyshire

Sm 23 – Apr 13

In 1776, Belper became the home of the world’s second water-powered cotton-spinning mill – an event that contributed greatly to its conversion from a quiet village to a busy industrial community.   The mill’s founder was Jedediah Strutt, the inventor of an attachment that made it possible to do ribbed knitting on an ordinary hand-operate knitting frame.      It became known as the ‘Derby Rib’, and gave a tremendous boost to the whole of the East Midlands hosiery industry. [i] Continue reading “1906-07 – Belper River Gardens, Derbyshire”

1874-75 – Westonbirt Manor, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

SM 21 – Feb 13

Westonbirt Manor, in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, was originally owned and developed by the Holford family, who lived there from 1685.[i]   Robert Holford (1808-92) was lucky, as well as being hard working and very astute.   He inherited the 1,000-acre estate from his father; was left £1 million on the death of a bachelor uncle; worked as a successful legal practitioner in London, and bought a large stake in the newly formed New River Company of Stoke Newington.   Continue reading “1874-75 – Westonbirt Manor, Tetbury, Gloucestershire”

1859-60 – Fonthill Abbey, Tisbury, Wiltshire

SM 22 – Mar 13

A reference in James 2’s promotional booklet [i] relates to some work he did for the Marquess of Westminster at Fonthill Abbey, in Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire, during the years 1859-60.  Continue reading “1859-60 – Fonthill Abbey, Tisbury, Wiltshire”

1890 – Leonardslee Gardens, Horsham, Sussex

SM 01 – Jun 11

Set in a tranquil woodland valley in West Sussex, the Leonardslee gardens are one of the largest and most spectacular in England. Continue reading “1890 – Leonardslee Gardens, Horsham, Sussex”

1859-62 – Berry Hill, Taplow, Buckinghamshire

SM 20 – Jan 13

Mr John Noble, a leading varnish manufacturer, commissioned Robert Marnock, the famous Scottish garden designer, to ‘beautify’ his garden at Berry Hill, Taplow, near Maidenhead, towards the end of the 1850s, and Marnock invited James 2 to help with their construction.   According to James 2’s notes,[i] most of this work at Berry Hill took place between 1859 and 1862, and involved the creation of: Continue reading “1859-62 – Berry Hill, Taplow, Buckinghamshire”

1896-97 – Wotton Park, Dorking, Surrey

SM 19 – Dec 12

Just three miles west of Dorking, in the valley of the Tillingbourne, lies the Grade II* listed Wotton House, which was purchased by George Evelyn in 1579, and has remained in the Evelyn family ever since.   George’s youngest grandson was John Evelyn, the famous diarist, who eventually inherited Wotton at the age of 79, on the death of his elder brother.   He wrote of Wotton: Continue reading “1896-97 – Wotton Park, Dorking, Surrey”

1919-20 – Shipton Court, Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire

SM 18 – Nov 12

Shipton Court, in Shipton under Wychwood, in deepest Oxfordshire, is an impressive Jacobean mansion that dates from 1603, part of which is still lived in, and part of which has now been converted into flats.   I first became aware of it, and its possible association with James Pulham, via a letter that arrived completely out of the blue.   Continue reading “1919-20 – Shipton Court, Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire”

1859 – Danesbury Park, Welwyn, Hertfordshire

SM 17 – Oct 12

One of James 2’s earlier assignments – before he brought James 3 into the business, and expanded the firm to become James Pulham and Son – was to build a fernery on a small chalk pit in Danesbury Park, near Welwyn, which was at that time owned by William-John Blake FRS, formerly the Whig MP for Newport, Isle of Wight, between 1837 and 1841. [i] Continue reading “1859 – Danesbury Park, Welwyn, Hertfordshire”

1864-71 – Lockinge, Wantage, Oxfordshire

SM 16 – Sep 12

According to his promotional booklet, Picturesque Ferneries and Rock Garden Scenery, the work done in 1864 by James 2 for Robert Loyd-Lindsay and Lady Overstone at Lockinge, near Wantage in Oxfordshire, involved the construction of:

 ‘Waterfalls, Rocky Stream, and Cliffs for Alpines and Ferns.’ Continue reading “1864-71 – Lockinge, Wantage, Oxfordshire”

1874 – Gunnersbury Park, Hounslow, London

SM 15 – Aug 12

The 186-acre estate of Gunnersbury, on the boundaries of Hounslow and Ealing, in southwest London, was once owned by the Bishops of London, but was purchased by Princess Amelia, favourite daughter of George II, in 1761.[i]   She improved the estate, and used it as her summer residence until her death in 1786, and Princess Amelia’s Bath House – a battlemented Gothic style building at the far end of the terrace to the house – still survives. Continue reading “1874 – Gunnersbury Park, Hounslow, London”

1873-80 – Park Hill, Streatham, London

SM 14 – Jul 12

‘Park Hill Mansion’ was one of several very large properties situated on Streatham Common North, in southeast London.   They were once the homes and estates of some very wealthy people – providing, as they did, a commanding view over Streatham, and to the heights of Wimbledon and the Surrey Hills beyond. Continue reading “1873-80 – Park Hill, Streatham, London”

1910-12 – Gatton Park, Reigate, Surrey

SM 13 – Jun 12

Gatton Park, near Reigate, in Surrey, is a 250-acre estate that can be traced back to the 15th century. [i]    In 1761, it became the seat of Sir George Colebrook, an extremely keen gardener who, between 1762 and 1768, paid Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown more than £3,000 – one of his largest commissions – for works at Gatton that included a ‘great water menagerie’.[ii] Continue reading “1910-12 – Gatton Park, Reigate, Surrey”

1891-94 – Gisselfeld, Denmark

SM 12 – May 12

The first indication that Pulhams may have worked in Europe was contained in a book by Annie Christensen, and reviewed by Peter Hayden.[i]   She recorded that the firm may have been involved in the construction of a bridge and some rockwork in the grounds of Gisselfeld Castle, in Denmark, and that the likely date was c.1894.   Continue reading “1891-94 – Gisselfeld, Denmark”

1909-10 – Luton Hoo, Luton, Bedfordshire

SM 11 – Apr 12

The grounds of Luton Hoo were originally laid out by ‘Capability’ Brown c1770, for John Stuart, the 3rd Earl of Bute, who was Prime Minister for a short period from 1762-63.   In 1903, Sir Julius Wernher – who made his fortune from the Kimberley diamond mines of South Africa [i] – bought the estate, and made many alterations and additions to the house and grounds. Continue reading “1909-10 – Luton Hoo, Luton, Bedfordshire”

1869 – Pierremont Park, Darlington, Co. Durham

SM 10 – Mar 12

Soon after James Pulham and Son built the striking new boat house at Sandringham in 1868, they were asked to build another on a magnificent country estate called Pierremont, in Darlington, County Durham.   The mansion was a fine example of Gothic design, and was once the home of Henry Pease, a member of one of Darlington’s foremost Quaker families, and youngest son of Edward Pease, the ‘Father of the Railways’.   Fig 1 is a photograph of Pierremont House, taken c.1875. Continue reading “1869 – Pierremont Park, Darlington, Co. Durham”

1899 – Coombe Wood, Croydon, Surrey

SM 09 – Feb 12

Coombe Estate, Croydon, Surrey, was purchased by Arthur Lloyd c1898.   He built a new 20-room mansion, and made a number of improvements to the existing gardens, including the construction of an ornamental rock garden, complete with a pool and waterfall, which carry all the hallmarks of a Pulham creation.    Continue reading “1899 – Coombe Wood, Croydon, Surrey”

1871 – High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

SM 08 – Jan 12

High Leigh, on the outskirts of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, is only just over a mile from the Pulham Manufactory in Broxbourne.   The owner was Robert Barclay, a member of the famous banking dynasty.   Over the generations, his ancestors had married into a number of other banking families, and Robert was responsible for merging twenty banks into Barclay and Company Ltd. [i]   He would almost certainly have known James 2 personally, because his family had been leading members of the Quaker fraternity for many years – as, I am sure, were the Pulhams – and they probably attended the same Friends Meeting House in Hoddesdon. Continue reading “1871 – High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire”

1909 – Ardross Castle, Alness, Ross-shire

SM 07 – Dec 11

James Pulham and Son did not create very many gardens in Scotland, but one in which they were involved was right up in the north-east – at Ardross Castle, in Alness, Ross-shire.   At the beginning of the 20th century, Ardross Castle was the summer retreat of Charles Dyson Perrins, Director of the family firm of Lee and Perrins, makers of the famous Worcestershire Sauce.   Perrins’ main home was in Malvern, Worcestershire, where he engaged James 3 to landscape his gardens c1901-05 – see ‘Site of the Month’ #28 for September 2013 – with one of its most striking features being a Pulhamite-lined tunnel – complete with a liberal scattering of ‘stalactites’ – that ran beneath a road that separated two parts of the garden.   Continue reading “1909 – Ardross Castle, Alness, Ross-shire”

1871 – Titsey Place, Oxted, Surrey

SM 06 – Nov 11

Granville W.G. Leveson Gower – an amateur historian, archaeologist and antiquarian – inherited ‘Titsey Place’, near Oxted, Surrey, during the late 19th century, and laid out the framework of the gardens, ‘joining the lakes together, and giving the lakes more of a “naturalistic” shape.’ [i]   The lakes are fed from a chalybeate spring that bubbles up from under a rock in the middle of the gardens, and flows through a stream into the top lake, and then tumbles over a waterfall, under a stone bridge, and into the lower lake.  Continue reading “1871 – Titsey Place, Oxted, Surrey”

1895-99 – St James’s Park, London

SM 05 – Oct 11

One of Pulhams’ smaller works in public parks during the 1890s was in St James’s Park, London.   The land here used to be a swamp, subject to flooding from the Tyburn stream, which still flows through the lake.   Henry VIII acquired it in 1532, and enclosed it for the hunt.   It became a fashionable promenade for London’s high society in the 18th century and, in 1838, it was completely re-designed by John Nash in the English landscaping style that he had learned through his association with Humphry Repton. Continue reading “1895-99 – St James’s Park, London”

1866 – Bedwell Park, Essenden, Hertfordshire

SM 04 – Sep 11

Bedwell Park was the home of Robert Hanbury, son of Robert Hanbury Snr, who was a Senior Partner in the firm of Truman, Hanbury and Buxton, one the leading brewing firms in London.   Robert Snr lived at Poles Park – a few miles away near Ware – where James Pulham and Son had worked in 1865.   Shortly before his early death (at the age of 44) in 1867, Robert Jnr commissioned James 2 to construct a: Continue reading “1866 – Bedwell Park, Essenden, Hertfordshire”

1898-99 – Sunningdale Park, Ascot, Berkshire

SM 03 – Aug 11

Sunningdale Park is situated in what once used to be part of Windsor Great Park, and still contains a Spanish Chestnut tree – with a girth in excess of twenty feet! – that dates back to the time of Henry VIII.   James Wyatt built the first house at Sunningdale in 1785, and, over the years, this was rebuilt and enlarged by its successive owners until Major William James Joicey – of the Northern mining family – bought it in 1890. Continue reading “1898-99 – Sunningdale Park, Ascot, Berkshire”


Claude Hitching has now written lavishly illustrated articles on more than 100 gardens, parks and features created by James Pulham and Son.   60 of these have been published in his ‘Site of the Month’ series on this website, and these are indicated in the index below by their month of publication.   The rest are discussed in his book, ‘Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy’, so the links in that list only contain brief summaries of the relevant Chapters, which are identified by the book’s Chapter number.   A listing of all the Chapters in the book is also contained in the ‘CONTENTS’ page of this website.

The following alphabetical cross-index provides direct links to all these articles, so that, for example, Belle Vue Park in Newport can be found under both ‘Belle Vue Park’ (the actual site name in italics) and ‘Newport’ (the town).

Ch 38 1915-30 Abbots Pool, Abbots Leigh, Bristol
Ch 26 1901-20 Abbotswood, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire
Jun-14 1887-91 Acacias, The – Reading, Berkshire – (‘A Tale of Two Ferneries’)
Aug-13 1892-97 Aldenham House – Elstree, Hertfordshire
Dec-11 1909 Alness, Ross-shire – Ardross Castle
Apr-14 1872-75 Aquarium, The – Brighton, Sussex
Dec-11 1909 Ardross Castle – Alness, Ross-shire
Jul-15 1898 Argyll and Bute – Mount Stuart
Aug-11 1898-99 Ascot, Berkshire – Sunningdale Park
Ch 37 1914-16 Ashton Memorial Gardens, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire
Ch 7 1867 Audley End, Saffron Walden, Essex
May-15 1882 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire – Halton House
Ch 27 1902 Batsford Arboretum, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos.
Ch 6 1865-70 Battersea Park, London
Ch 19 1892-1900s Bawdsey Manor, Bawdsey, Suffolk
Dec-15 1845 Bayfordbury, nr Hertford, Hertfordshire
May-14 1879-85 Bearwood College – Wokingham, Berkshire
Sep-11 1866 Bedwell Park – Essendon, Hertfordshire
Ch 20 1893 Belle Vue Park, Newport, Gwent, Wales
Apr-13 1906-07 Belper, Derbyshire – River Gardens
Ch 1 1835-38 Benington Lordship – Hertfordshire
Jan-16 1883-85 Benington, Hertfordshire – The Rectory
Jan-13 1859-62 Berry Hill – Taplow, Buckinghamshire
Ch 23 1895-1908 Blakesley Hall, Northamptonshire
Jul-14 1885-93 Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire
Oct-15 1873 Bolton, Lancashire – Smithills Hall
Ch 39 1917-30 Bracken Hill, Bristol
Apr-14 1872-75 Brighton, Sussex – The Aquarium
Ch 38 1915-30 Bristol – Abbots Pool, Abbots Leigh,
Ch 39 1917-30 Bristol – Bracken Hill 
Ch 2b 1845 Bristol – Church of St Mary Redcliffe
Jan-14 1845 Bristol, Avon – Church of St Mary Redcliffe
Ch 31 1908-10 Bristol, Avon – Rayne Thatch
Jan-15 1865-71 Bromley, Kent – Palace Gardens
Feb-15 1873-74 Bromley, Kent – Sundridge Park
Ch 2b 1855-57 Broxbourne – St Augustine’s Church
Ch 3 1845-49 Broxbourne – The Manufactory
Ch 30 1903-04 Buckingham Palace, London
Aug-14 1894-98 Burslem Park and Hanley Park – Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs
Nov-15 1901-03 Bushey, Hertfordshire – Bushey House
Ch 9 1872-76 Cardiff, Wales – St Fagans Castle
Feb-16 1891 Carpenders Park – Watfrod, Hertfordshire
Sep-14 1880 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire – Heythrop Park
Dec-14 1827-49 Churches in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire – (‘Working with Thomas Smith’)
Ch 2b 1849 Clophill – St Mary’s Church
Sep-15 1922-23 Comrie, Perthshire – Dunira
Feb-12 1899 Coombe Wood – Croydon, Surrey
Oct-14 1868-80s Court Lodge – Lamberhurst, Kent
Ch 15 1885-86 Crawley, West Sussex – Worth Park
Feb-12 1899 Croydon, Surrey – Coombe Wood
Oct-12 1859 Danesbury Park – Welwyn, Hertfordshire
Ch 28 1901-03 Danesfield House, Medmenham, Surrey
Mar-12 1869 Darlington, Co Durham – Pierremont Park
Sep-13 1902-05 Davenham, Malvern, Worcestershire
Ch 15 1888-1913 Dell, The – Englefield Green, Surrey
Ch 22 1895-1912 Dewstow House, Caerwent, Wales
Dec-12 1896-97 Dorking, Surrey – Wotton House
Oct-13 1880 Dublin, Eire – St Stephen’s Green
Sep-15 1922-23 Dunira – Comrie, Perthshire
Ch 5 1862-64 Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells
May-16 1902 Dutton Homestall – East Grinstead, Sussex
May-16 1902 East Grinstead, Sussex, Dutton Homestall
Jun-13 1909 Elmstone Court – Preston, nr Canterbury, Kent
Aug-13 1892-97 Elstree, Hertfordshire – Aldenham House
Ch 16 1888-1913 Englefield Green, Surrey – The Dell
Ch 18 1892-1914 Epsom, Surrey – Ewell Court House
Sep-11 1866 Essendon, Hertfordshire – Bedwell Park
Ch 18 1892-1914 Ewell Court House, Nr Epsom, Surrey
Apr-16 1929-33 Exbury, Nr Southampton, Hampshire – Exbury Gardens
Ch 40 1920-21 Folkestone, Kent – The Leas, Zigzag Path
Mar-13 1859-60 Fonthill Abbey – Tisbury, Wiltshire
Ch 24 1898-1912 Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
Jun-12 1910-12 Gatton Park – Reigate, Surrey
May-12 1891-94 Gisselfeld, Denmark
Ch 17 1890-91 Glasgow – Ross Hall Park
Ch 25 1902-07 Guildford, Surrey – Merrow Grange
Jun-15 1868-74 Guisborough, North Yorkshire – Hutton Hall
Aug-12 1874 Gunnersbury Park – Hounslow, London
May-15 1882 Halton House – Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Aug-14 1894-98 Hanley Park and Burslem Park – Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs
Ch 29 1902-05 Heatherden Hall / Pinewood, Iver Heath, Bucks.
Ch 24 1898-1912 Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire – Friar Park
Aug-15 1880 Hertford, Hertfordshire – Ware Park Manor
Sep-14 1880 Heythrop Park – Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Jan-12 1871 High Leigh – Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
Mar-14 1871-1906 Highland Gardens – New Barnet, Greater London
Ch 4 1847-62 Highnam Court, Gloucestershire
Ch 2a 1842-43 Hoddesdon – Rawdon House
Ch 2a 1842-62 Hoddesdon – Woodlsnds
Jan-12 1871 Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire – High Leigh
Ch 13 1881-92 Holly Hill Park, Sarisbury, Hampshire
Jun-11 1890 Horsham, Sussex – Leonardslee Gardens
Aug-12 1874 Hounslow, London – Gunnersbury Park
Ch 1 How It All Began
Jun-15 1868-74 Hutton Hall – Guisborough, North Yorkshire
Nov-14 1878-98 Insole Court – Llandaff, Cardiff
Ch 29 1902-05 Iver Heath, Bucks. – Heatherden Hall / Pinewood
Ch 1 1838 James 1 – Untimely Death
Ch 2a 1845 James 2 – Letters to ‘The Builder’
Jun-14 1887-91 Juniper Hill– Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey – (‘A Tale of Two Ferneries’)
Ch 2b 1848 Kilnwick Percy – Pocklington
Ch 33 1911-15 Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey – The Watergardens
Ch 32 1908-12 Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey – Warren House
Nov-13 1896 Knebworth House, Hertfordshire
Oct-14 1868-80s Lamberhurst, Kent – Court Lodge
Jun-11 1890 Leonardslee Gardens – Horsham, Sussex
Apr-15 1889 Letchmore Heath, Hertfordshire – Piggot’s Manor
Nov-14 1878-98 Llandaff, Cardiff – Insole Court
Sep-12 1864-71 Lockinge, Wantage, Oxfordshire
Ch 6 1865-70 London – Battersea Park
Ch 30 1903-04 London – Buckingham Palace
Oct-11 1895-99 London – St James’s Park
CH 1 1824-38 London – The Early Years
Ch 36 1912-31 London – The Exhibitions
Jul-13 1905-13 London Zoo
Mar-16 1873-74 London, S.E. – An Exciting Discovery in S E London
Apr-12 1909-10 Luton, Bedfordshire – Luton Hoo
Ch 37 1914-16 Lytham St Annes, Lancashire – Promenade Gardens and Ashton Memorial Gardens
Ch 21 1894 Madeira Walk, Ramsgate, Kent
Ch 11 1876-79 Madresfield Court, Malvern, Worcestershire
Sep-13 1902-05 Malvern, Worcestershire – Davenham
Ch 11 1876-79 Malvern, Worcestershire – Madresfield Court
Ch 28 1901-03 Medmenham, Surrey – Danesfield House
Ch 25 1902-07 Merrow Grange, nesr Guildford, Surrey
Mar-15 1878 Mesnes Park – Wigan, Lancashire
Jun-14 1887-91 Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey – Juniper Hill- (‘A Tale of Two Ferneries’)
Jul-15 1898 Mount Stuart – Argyll and Bute
Mar-14 1871-1906 New Barnet, Greater London – Highland Gardens
Jul-11 1858 Newgate Street, Hertfordshire – Ponsbourne Manor
Ch 20 1893 Newport, Gwent, Wales – Belle Vue Park
Ch 2b 1820-70 Obadiah Pulham – Apprentice and Artist
Ch 2b 1852-70 Obadiah Pulham – Churches Around Europe
Ch 10 1876 Old Warden, Bedfordshire – Swiss Garden
Nov-11 1871 Oxted, Surrey – Titsey Place
Jul-12 1873-80 Park Hill – Streatham, London
Mar-12 1869 Pierremont Park – Darlington, Co Durham
Apr-15 1889 Piggot’s Manor – Letchmore Heath, Hertfordshire
Ch 29 1902-05 Pinewood / Heatherden Hall, Iver Heath, Bucks.
Ch 2b 1848 Pocklington – Kilnwick Percy
Feb-14 1865-92 Poles Park – Ware, Hertfordshire
Jul-11 1858 Ponsbourne Manor – Newgate Street, Hertfordshire
Dec-13 1864-67 Preston Parks, Lancashire
Jun-13 1909 Preston, nr Canterbury, Kent – Elmstone Court
Ch 37 1914-16 Promenade Gardens, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire
Ch 21 1894 Ramsgate, Kent – Madeira Walk
Ch 41 1923-36 Ramsgate, Kent – West Cliff Chine and Winterstoke Chine
Ch 31 1908-10 Rayne Thatch, Bristol, Avon
Jun-14 1887-91 Reading, Berkshire – The Acacias – (‘A Tale of Two Ferneries’)
Jun-12 1910-12 Reigate, Surrey – Gatton Park
Ch 35 1911 RHS Garden Wisley, near Woking, Surrey
Ch 17 1890-91 Ross Hall Park, Glasgow
Ch 8 1868-1905 Sandringham Royal Estate, Norfolk
Ch 13 1881-92 Sarisbury, Hampshire – Holly Hill Park
Ch 14 1882-85 Sheffield Park Garden, Uckfield, East Sussex
Nov-12 1919-20 Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire – Shipton Court
Oct-15 1873 Smithills Hall – Bolton, Lancashire
Ch 9 1872-76 St Fagans Castle, Nr Cardiff, Wales
Oct-13 1880 St Stephen’s Green – Dublin, Eire
Ch 42 1934-36 Stoke Poges Memorial Gardens, Buckinghamshire
Aug-14 1894-98 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire – Hanley Park and Burslem Park
Ch 26 1901-20 Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire – Abbotswood
Jul-12 1873-80 Streatham, London – Park Hill
Feb-15 1873-74 Sundridge Park – Bromley, Kent
Aug-11 1898-99 Sunningdale Park – Ascot, Berkshire
Ch 10 1876 Swiss Garden, Old Warden, Bedfordshire
Jan-13 1859-62 Taplow, Buckinghamshire – Berry Hill
Feb-13 1874-75 Tetbury, Gloucestershire – Westonbirt Manor
Ch 43 1935-57 The End of the Line – Closure of the Business
Ch 40 1920-21 The Leas, Zigzag Path, Folkestone, Kent
Ch 34 1911-32 The Node, Welwyn, Hertfordshire
Ch 44 2005-10 The Power of the Internet
Ch 2a 1842-62 The Second Generation – Part 1
Ch 2b 1845-70 The Second Generation – Part 2
Mar-13 1859-60 Tisbury, Wiltshire – Fonthill Abbey
Nov-11 1871 Titsey Place – Oxted, Surrey
Ch 5 1862-64 Tunbridge Wells – Dunorlan Park
Ch 12 1881-92 Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire
Ch 2b 1855 Ware – Cemetery Chapel
CH 1 1841 Ware – Thunder Hall
Aug-15 1880 Ware Park Manor – Hertford, Hertfordshire
Feb-14 1865-92 Ware, Hertfordshire – Poles Park
Ch 32 1908-12 Warren House, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
Ch 33 1911-15 Watergardens, The, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
Feb-16 1891 Watfrod, Hertfordshire – Carpenders Park
May-13 1862-67 Welbeck Abbey – Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Oct-12 1859 Welwyn, Hertfordshire – Danesbury Park
Ch 34 1911-32 Welwyn, Hertfordshire – The Node
Ch 2a 1844-45 West Hyde – Church of St Thomas of Canterbury
Feb-13 1874-75 Westonbirt Manor – Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Mar-15 1878 Wigan, Lancashire – Mesnes Park
Mat-15 1879-85 Wokingham, Berkshire – Bearwood College
Ch 1 1793-1824 Woodridge – The Early Years
May-13 1862-67 Worksop, Nottinghamshire – Welbeck Abbey
Ch 15 1885-86 Worth Park, Crawley, West Sussex
Dec-12 1896-97 Wotton House – Dorking, Surrey
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