Gazetteer of principal Pulham sites in the West of England.

Dates Work Description Grid Ref Visitor Access
1915-30 AVON, Bristol, Abbots Pool  

See Chapter 38.
D8 0
1917-30 AVON, Bristol, Bracken Hill  

See Chapter 39.
D8 4
1926-30 AVON, Bristol, Bristol Homeopathic Hospital  

FR Diary:  1925-26 – ‘Memorial Garden.   Terraces of Cotswold Stone, lily pool, rose garden, rock garden and tennis court’. 1926-27 – ‘Cotham House extension, rock and landscape also.   Garden House in the rose garden – stone’.   1930 – ‘Repair to stone paths due to severe frosts’.
D8 0
1907 AVON, Bristol, Park House, Cotham Park  

Conservatory and fernery grotto around corner of house.   Well maintained and carries all the signs of Pulhams’ handiwork.
D8 4
1908-10 AVON, Bristol, Rayne Thatch  

See Chapter 31.
D8 4
1845 AVON, Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe  

See Chapter 2.
D8 0
1903 DEVON, South Tawton, Wood  

Waterfall and rocky stream.   FR Diary:  1902-03 – ‘Falls, watercourses and sluices‘.   Designed by Thomas Mawson.
C10 4
1847-52 GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Highnam, Highnam Court 

 See Chapter 4.
D8 3
1902 GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Moreton-in-Marsh, Batsford Park  

See Chapter 27.
D8 1
1901-20 GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Stow-on-the-Wold, Abbitswood  

See Chapter 26.
D8 3
1874-75 GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Tetbury, Westonbirt House  

‘Fernery, Alpinery, Lake concreted.’   The fernery and Alpinery are no longer there, although the lake remains.   There is also rockery and dropping well in a ‘dingle’ – or wooded dell.    Everything in good condition.    There is a ‘Westonbirt Vase’ listed in the firm’s Catalogue, and the pumps are by Green and Carter.   As its name implies, Westonbirt is a school, and not open to ‘outside’ visitors.    EH Registered Park and Gardens.
D8 4
1876-79 HEREFORD and WORCESTERSHIRE, Great Malvern, Madresfield Court  

See Chapter 11.
D8 3
1872 HEREFORD and WORCESTERSHIRE, Leominster, Buckfield Keep  

‘Fernery of Rock, Corridor, Dropping Well with streamlet from it.  Path over to look down on works’.   Still in quite good condition 2001.   There is a ‘Newman Vase’ listed in the firm’s Catalogue.
C7 4
1912 WARWICKSHIRE, Moreton Morrell, Moreton Hall  

FR Diary:  1912 – ‘Rock formation’.   There is a ‘Moreton Vase’ in the firm’s Catalogue.
D8 4
1901-05 WORCESTERSHIRE, Malvern, ‘Davenham’   

Once the home of Charles Dyson-Perrins – of Lee and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce fame – the main house of ‘Davenham’ is now a nursing home.   There is a fernery in what is now an adjoining garden, and a tufa-coated tunnel that runs under the road that now splits the two parts.   Good condition, but privately owned.
D8 4

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