Email Feedback

‘What a Masterpiece!   A real treasure – a wonderful book to own, and something to pass down to the family.’

Margaret Clark – Secretary of the Miltonian Guild

‘I received my copy of “Rock landscapes” today, and have to say I am completely blown away by it.   What a fantastic book!   So far, I have just turned all the pages once, and what I have seen of the illustrations etc far surpasses any preconceived ideas that I had imagined it would be like.   All I am waiting for now is for my brother to say, ‘Can I have a read of your book’, because I am afraid it’s not for loaning out, and I am hoping that may persuade him to purchase his own copy!   . CONGRATULATIONS, Claude.

Ian Denney – Descendant of the Pulham family

‘Congratulations, It’s a fine production.  Wishing you the very best for its success.’

Charles Hawes – Professional Gardens Photographer

‘May I be one of the first to congratulate you on your masterpiece; it really is a work of art. I think the text and photos compliment each other really well.   You should be proud.’

Alan Bishop – Pulhamite Restoration Specialist

 ‘Fantastic — delighted to receive such an informative, high-quality, well-presented and enjoyable read — and at an amazingly-cheap price too!’

Dr Robert Tebb


Reviews of the Complete Provisional Draft

 ‘I have now finished reading your book . . . I found it a wonderful read – both informative and pleasurable.   You really did take the reader on a journey – Crumbs, you got around! . . . a wonderful book.’

Neil Robbins, the Heritage and Education Officer of the Borough of Broxbourne, and Curator of the Lowewood Museum (now retired)

‘I am so enjoying your book, and am amazed at all the research you have done.   They (the Pulhams) were truly an extraordinary family, and I don’t think Woodbridge does them credit.   When I can bear to part with the book, I will put it in the Museum for reference!’

Wendy Blake, Woodbridge Local Historian


Individual Site Notes

 ‘We have just read your original (draft notes) and love it.   It is just as though you were here with us, talking us around the House and grounds. . . We already have had an enquiry about your visit from our Residents’ Association, and the Editor of the Association’s quarterly booklet would like to carry a large article on your findings – perhaps we can pass your notes on when the time is right.   I would also like to let our local reporter (for the local paper) have it too – it just tells the tale so beautifully.   We are both so impressed.   Thank you!’

Cathy Scott, Secretary of the Ewell Court House Organisation

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