. . the Photographer

Jenny Lilly is a creative and talented photographer, with a breadth of experience across different fields of photography.   Whilst specialising in garden and social photography, she draws upon her MA in Textiles to artistically capture the textures and patterns she sees, whether in a view of a garden, a close up of a flower or in her social photography, at Weddings and Balls.     

 Jenny Lilly

With her love of nature, Jenny spends all the time she can photographing gardens across the Midlands and beyond.   She specialises in garden compositions, and plant and flower close-ups.   Her portfolio includes photographs taken in such well-loved local spots as the Birmingham Botanical gardens and Winterbourne Botanic Garden.   Further afield, she has also worked at gardens such as Wollerton Old Hall Garden, Cooper’s Millenium Garden, Hergest Croft, Stone House Cottage Garden and the Dorothy Clive Garden, to name but a few.   These will all be featured in her forthcoming Exhibition which begins on 28th May and runs until 24th June.    

As an established member of the Garden Photographers Association, her garden images are sought-after by the national media and the horticultural trade.   She has been credited with front covers on magazines including: Gardener’s World, the Horticultural Trade’s Association and Gardens’ Monthly, as well as having several hundred photographs published in other gardening magazines.   She regularly has photographs in the national press such as The Times, the Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday.   Her work is used; worldwide on plant labels; in gardening books by Usborne and in the RHS Plant Guide; on calendars for both Smith and Jarrolds; in diaries such as the 2010 Alan Titchmarsh Gardening Diary and the 2011 Dairy Diary.   She also has an image featuring in the opening sequence of the TV Quiz Programme Q1 in the current series.

Jenny has recently started delivering Seminars on Garden Photography in association with Calumet Photographic.  All of which points to the fact that Jenny is a very busy lady, and Claude Hitching regarded himself as extremely fortunate when she offered to collaborate with The Pulham Legacy.   She has been fascinated by grottoes ever since she was a child, and was delighted to have the opportunity of visiting and photographing some of Pulhams’ most prestigious and spectacular gardens, especially for this book.   It is a partnership that has worked remarkably well.

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