The Pulham Picture Puzzles

Are you interested in Jigsaw Puzzles?   I have a lot of lovely pictures in my archive of gardens and other features created by ‘The Pulhams of Broxbourne’.   A lot of them have been published in Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy; some have been published in my Site of the Month features, and others are still languishing on my computer, so I thought you might like to recreate some of them for yourself by completing some Jigsaw Puzzles.

They are just like the old-fashioned jigsaws, and all you have to do is click on a piece to move it around.   It will click into position when you move it to its correct location, and you can toggle a small image of the completed picture – or display a ‘ghost image’ – if you want to be reminded what the completed puzzle will look like.   Visit the Instructions Page for further information.
Good luck, and have fun . . .



1867-68 – Terracotta Ornamentation at the V & A Museum

The terracotta ornamentation along the open, round-headed colonnade on the facade of the ‘ground floor’ of the Henry Cole Wing of the V & A Museum in Exhibition Road, London, is fully discussed and illustrated in Chapter 3 of Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy.


JP09 - Abbotswood Double Waterfall

1901-20  – Abbotswood, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire

Mark Fenwick commissioned Sir Edwin Lutyens to design the formal gardens around Abbotswood, and James Pulham and Son created these and the informal gardens beyond – including the spectacular double waterfall featured in this puzzle.   Discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 26 of Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy.


JP08 - Sandringham Boat Cave and Nest

1868 – The Boathouse and ‘The Nest’ Summerhouse at Sandringham

James 2 was awarded his first Royal Warrant for his landscaping of the lawns and lakes at Sandringham.  The Boathouse is constructed from natural and Pulhamite rock, and the Summerhouse was built in 1913.   Discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 8 of Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy.


JP07 - Lindley Vaser

The Lindley Vase

The Lindley Vase is just one of the many spectacular terracotta Garden Ornaments manufactured by James Pulham and Son in their Broxbourne Manufactory.   This, and many more, are discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 3 of Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy.


JP06 - Sheffield Park DSellman Cascade

1882-85 – Sheffield Park, Uckfield, East Sussex

The beautiful, 120-acre landscaped gardens at Sheffield Park offerthe combination of water, trees, shrubs and flower that have always attracted gardeners.   The main feature of James Pulham’s work here is the spectacular ‘Pulham Falls’ (the Puzzle Picture). . Discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 14 of Rock Landscapes.


JP05 - Danesfield Italian Garden

1901-03 – Danesfield House, Medmenham, Bucks 

The gardens at Danesfield House contain a very wide range of work created by James Pulham and Son – an artificial rocky stream, large balustrade terrace, Orangery, beautiful trefoil fountain, rock garden and Italian Water Garden (the Puzzle Picture). . Discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 28 of Rock Landscapes.


JP04 - Heatherden Bridge and Fountain P1010453

1902-05 – Heatherden Hall / Pinewood

The formal gardens at Heatherden Hall – now Pinewood Film Studios – were designed and created by James Pulham and Son between 1902 and 1905.   This beautiful balustrade bridge has been included in several fims, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.   . Discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 29 of Rock Landscapes.


JP03 - St Fagans - Water Garden

1872-76 – St Fagan’s Castle, Nr Cardiff, Wales  

There is a charming little Pulham Water Garden running along the valley in the gardens at St Fagan’s Castle, and this picture is of the rustic bridge and cascade that leads into the pool at the bottom.   Discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 9 of Rock Landscapes.


JP02 - Rayne Thatch - Veranda

1908-10 – Rayne Thatch, Bristol – Swimming Pool

Rayne Thatch, Bristol, was originally the Estate Office of Mr Melville Wills.   Pulhams built a series of five descending pools in the garden, the centre one of which was designed as a swimming pool.   Discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 31 of Rock Landscapes.


JPP01 - Highnam Ladies Walk

1847-62 – Highnam Court, The Ladies’ Walk

Highnam Court, Gloucester, was the first major garden constructed by James Pulham. This picture shows ‘The Ladies’ Walk that bordered the Kitchen Garden Discussed and lavishly illustrated in Chapter 4 of Rock Landscapes.