This Page provides links to other websites that might be of interest.   They are grouped under:

  • National and Regional Associations, Societies and Trusts
  • Alphabetical Directory of Pulham Sites that have websites of their own
  • Historic Landscape and Conservation Consultants
  • Craftspeople with experience and expertise in Pulhamite Restoration
  • Terracotta Restorers
  • Manufacturers of Garden Ornaments
  • Dealers in Antique Garden Ornaments
  • Auctioneers who deal in Antique Garden Ornaments

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Have a look at the Grotto.Directory web site. Its a relatively new venture, and is steadily expanding. Perhaps a link from your Pulham web site would be appropriate? There is already a link to you on the Sunningdale Park page, due to go on-line shortly.

    1. I have had a look at this, and the Grotto.Directory website looks very interesting, and well worth a link. Very pleased to be associated with it, and thanks for the contact.
      Claude H

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