Gazetteer of principal Pulham sites in the Midlands.

Dates Work Description Grid Ref Visitor Access
1906-07 DERBYSHIRE, Belper, River Gardens  

Rockwork along the banks of the river and around the boat house and bandstand.   Erected the fountain.   EH Registered Park and Gardens.   There is a ‘Belper Urn Terminal’ listed in the firm’s Catalogue.
D7 0
1870 DERBYSHIRE, Buxton, Pavilion Gardens  

Waterfalls, Rock, Banks.   EH Registered Park and Gardens.   Designed by Edward Milner.
D7 0
1880s DERBYSHIRE, Holbrook, Southwood House (now Holbrook Centre for Autism) 

Grotto thought to be by Pulhams.
D7 4
1895-1908 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, Blakesley, Blakesley Hall  

See Chapter 23.
E7/8 4
1914 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, Nottingham, Lenton Firs  

Rocky bank etc.   Very overgrown, but site recently cleared, and some rather damaged Pulham remnants remain.   There is a ‘Nottingham Vase’ listed in the firm’s Catalogue, but it is not known whether it was associated with Lenton Firs.   FR Diary:  1914 – Finished extended rock garden.
D6 4
1862-67 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, Worksop, Welbeck Abbey  

‘Subterranean Passage, Dropping Well, Drinking Fountain.’   Pulham is known to have constructed the lining for a tunnel, but there is now no sign of the Dropping Well or Drinking Fountain.   He is also thought to have worked on many other features – including the Riding House and subterranean ballroom – but the work is restricted to the private areas of the Welbeck estate, so access can only be by special arrangement.   EH Registered Park and Gardens.
D6 4
1898-1912 OXFORDHIRE, Henley-on-Thames, Friar Park  

See Chapter 24.
E8 4
1880 OXFORDSHIRE, Chipping Norton, Heythrop Park  

Double-entrance ‘Whale Cave’, pool and rocky paths etc, and a walled garden with fountain.   Still in very good condition.   Pumps by Green and Carter.
D8 4
1919-20 OXFORDSHIRE, Shipton-under-Wychwood, Shipton Court  

Tiered formal garden, with lily pool and (what used to be) a swimming pool.   Now converted into flats, these gardens are private, and not open to the public.       Still in good condition   EH Registered Park and Gardens.
D8 4
1864-71 OXFORDSHIRE, Wantage, Lockinge House  

‘Waterfalls, Rocky Stream, Cliffs for alpines and ferns’.  Small but pleasant example of Pulham’s ‘naturalistic’ artistry, but is on a private estate with no public access.
D8 4
1894-98 STAFFORDSHIRE, Stoke-on-Trent, Burslem Park  

Rockwork of Pulham stone with cascade topped by a Japanese tea house – maintained to a good standard.   EH Registered Park and Garden – Open to the public.   Designed by Thomas Mawson.
D7 0
1894-98 STAFFORDSHIRE, Stoke-on-Trent, Hanley Park  

Municipal Park in Stoke-on-Trent designed by Thomas Mawson with Pulhamite rockwork   EH Registered Park and Garden.   Designed by Thomas Mawson.
D7 0

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