Gazetteer of principal Pulham sites in the South of England.

Dates Work Description Grid Ref Visitor Access
1872-75 EAST SUSSEX, Brighton, Grand Aquarium(now Sea Life Centre)  

‘Fernery, Cliff, Waterfalls, Sea Lion’s Den, Fairy Cave, Rocky Stream, Aquarium Tanks’.   Fernery now demolished, but rockwork in display tanks and balustrading still exist.   There is a ‘Brighton Vase’ and ‘Brighton Sundial’ listed in the firm’s Catalogue – none of these remain.   Open all year round.
E9 1
1882-85 EAST SUSSEX, Uckfield, Sheffield Park  

See Chapter 14.
E/F9 1
c1890s EAST SUSSEX, Withyham, Buckhurst Place  

Early c19 cascade by Lewis Kennedy.   Rock Garden (late c19) below the dam of the lake.  FR Diary:  1911-12 –  ‘Repairs to bridge damaged by floods’   Pumps by Green and Carter.   EH Registered Park and Garden.
E9 3
1880s HAMPSHIRE, Basingstoke, Steventon Manor   

Rocky bank, grotto and fernery.   Unconfirmed but almost certainly genuine.
E8 4
1881-92 HAMPSHIRE, Fareham, Holly Hill Park  

See Chapter 13.
E9 0
1929-33 HAMPSHIRE, Southampton, Exbury Gardens  

There is a large natural rock garden here, and a Lower Pond, both of which are very Pulhamesque in style.   I have no proof that they actually created these gardens, but my feelings are very strong about this.
D9 1
1865-70 KENT, Bromley, Palace Gardens(now Civic Centre)  

‘Waterfalls and Ferneries’.   Now the Town Hall and Civic Centre, the gardens only contain a very small sample of Pulham’s work, in the form of some rockwork near the old well along the edge of the lake.
E8 0
1873-74 KENT, Bromley, Sundridge Park  

‘Chasm, Fernery, Alpinery, Cliff’.    Good condition, but now a private Management Centre – and not open to the public.      EH Registered Park and Gardens.
E8 4
1920-21 KENT, Folkestone, ‘The Leas’  

See Chapter 40.
F9 0
1903 KENT, Hever, Hever Castle  

FR Diary:  1902 – ‘Glen, stone bridge and falls’.
F9 4
1894 KENT, Ramsgate, Madeira Walk  

See Chapter 21.
G8 0
1923-36 KENT, Ramsgate, St Lawrence Cliffs (West Chine) and Winterstoke Gardens  

See Chapter 41.
G8 0
1862-64 KENT, Tunbridge Wells, Dunorlan Park  

See Chapter 5.
F9 0
1854-60 KENT, Tunbridge Wells, Southborough  

Rocky Pass, Banks, Cliff, Fernery.    The Pass and banks still exist in good condition, but not accessible by the public.
F9 4
1899 SURREY, Croydon, Coombe Wood  

Rocky stream and waterfall feeding pond.   The features have thankfully been largely restored.
E8 0
1896-97 SURREY, Dorking, Wotton House  

Revetting (lining) of stream around House, large grotto, bridges and cascade in stream, greenhouse and ferneries, ornamental wall along South Terrace, and probably restoration of main Fountain and Temple.   EH Registered Park and Gardens.
E8 4
1888-1913 SURREY, Englefield Green, ‘The Dell’  

See Chapter 16.
E8 4
1906 SURREY, Englesfield Green, Park Wood  

FR Diary:  1906 – ‘Waterfall, outlet to lake’.
E8 4
1892-1914 SURREY, Ewell, Ewell Court House  

See Chapter 18.
E8 0
1902-07 SURREY, Guildford, Merrow Grange  

See Chapter 25.
E8 4
1911-15 SURREY, Kingston-upon-Thames, The Watergardens  

See Chapter 33.
E8 4
1908-12 SURREY, Kinston-upon-Thames, Warren House  

See Chapter 32.
E8 4
1887 SURREY, Mickleham, Juniper Hill  

Used to be the home of a wonderful Pulham fernery, but time has taken its toll.   Private property, and not open to the public, but its present owner is doing his utmost to restore it to its former glory.
E8 4
1871 SURREY, Oxted, Titsey Place  

Waterfalls, Rocks, Bridge in Stone and Artificial Stone.   To be restored by EBA   EH Registered Park and Gardens.
E8 4
1910-12 SURREY, Reigate, Gatton Park  

Unstratified rock garden, with pools etc, and a Japanese garden at a far corner of the grounds.    Designed by H E Milner.
E8 4
1911-12 SURREY, Wisley, RHS Garden Wisley  

See Chapter 35.
E8 1
1900s WEST SUSSEX, Crawley, Goffs Park  

Small rock feature and banks around pond.
E8 0
1885-56 WEST SUSSEX, Crawley, Worth Park(later Milton Mount College for Girls)  

See Chapter 15.
E8 0
1902 WEST SUSSEX, East Grinstead, Homestall (later Stoke Brunswick School)  

Charming mixture of the formal and ‘naturalistic’ styles, and were all probably constructed by Pulhams.   There is a lily pond and summerhouse etc in the formal garden, and a rock garden, stream and ponds, with occasional outcrops of Pulhamite in the outlying areas.   Apart from the rock garden, which is now derelict, everything is in excellent condition.  Not open to the public.    Testimonial in Garden Catalogue.
E/F9 4
1900 WEST SUSSEX, Lower Beeding, Nr Horsham, Leonardslee Gardens  

The Rock Garden at Leonardslee, near Horsham, West Sussex, was until recently maintained in excellent condition, but Leonardslee has now changed hands, and is no longer open to the public.   Pumps by Green and Carter.   EH Registered Park and Garden.   Featured as Site of the Month in June 2011)
E9 4

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