This section contains a portfolio of articles written by Claude Hitching about James Pulham and Son for publication in various magazines and newspapers etc prior to – or to coincide with – the publication of Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy.

It should be noted that some degree of repetition is inevitable in the Introductory sections of these articles, since they were each written for different readerships.   Due to space limitations, some Editors were obliged to shorten the articles slightly, and reduce the number of illustrations, but the versions reproduced here are the complete and unabridged versions.   Click on the Cover Image to access the complete article.

151203 - Woodbridge Cumberland Street 3

A Fascinating Day in Woodbridge

An account of a day spent by Claude and Val on a visit to Woodbridge – to the house in which James 1 and Obadiag Pulham were born more than 200 years ago.   A day during which we were also in for an unpleasant shock . .
130900 - Scottish Rock Garden Cover 600 x 850

The rock garden 131

July 2013
Journal of the Scottish Rock Garden Club

James Pulham in Scotland

Reviews and pictures of all the currently known Pulham sites in and around Scotland
121202 - London Landscapes Cover 450 x 650

London Landscapes

Autumn / Winter 2011
Newsletter of London Parks and Gardens

The Pulham Legacy in London

Reviews and pictures of all the currently known Pulham sites in and around London
4-2-1 - Magazine Cover - Trafodion Nov 11


Issue 1 – November 2011
Occasional Writings for the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust.

James Pulham in Wales

Brief descriptions and pictures of all the currently known Pulham sites in Wales

4-2-2 - Follies of James Pulham

The International Magazine for


Grottoes and Garden Buildings
Autumn 2011

The Follies of James Pulham

Descriptions and pictures of some of Pulham’s follies and grottoes

120301 - GHS News Cover - Spring 2012

Garden History Society News

Issue 89 – Spring 2012

The Magic of Pulham’s Fountains

Descriptions and pictures of some of Pulham’s most spectacular fountains

120301 - Herts Countryside Cover - March 2012

Hertfordshire Countryside

March 2012

The Versatility of James Pulham

Descriptions, examples and illustrations of the many facets of the craftsmanship of the Pulham workers

120401 - Professional Gardener Cover - April 2012

Professional Gardener

April 2012

Without, a Pulham Garden Wall

Examples of Walled Garden walls believed to have been built by James Pulham and

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