Gazetteer of principal Pulham sites in the North of England.

Dates Work Description Grid Ref Visitor Access
1869 Co DURHAM, Darlington, Pierremont  

‘Boathouse in the rock, Fernery, Dropping Well’   The house has since been converted into flats.   Pulhams produced a magnificent fountain for Pierremont – listed in the firm’s Catalogue – which ahs since been moved to South Park, and recently been the subject of a Heritage Lottery Fund restoration project.
D5 0
1878 GREATER MANCHESTER, Wigan, Mesnes Park  

”Waterfall and cascade, Rocky Bank and Chasm.’  Recently rediscovered and restored by the Friends of Mesnes Park, and subject to further restoration..   Anyone can see it – Free!    Pumps by Green and Carter.   Designed by John McClean.
D6 0
1922-23 LANCASHIRE, Blackpool, Seafront  

Fountain installed in Seafront Promenade Gardens, and were also engaged to ‘rockify’ the cliffs of the Coastal Cliff Park, along the North Shore of Blackpool.   FR Diary:  1914 – Set out fountain.   Cliff walk along the North Cliffs.    1922-23 – Constructing cliffs.
C6 0
1873-75 LANCASHIRE, Bolton, Smithills Hall  

‘Waterfall, Rocky Stream with Bridge across’.   Still in quite good condition.   EH Registered Park and Gardens.
D6 0
1914-23 LANCASHIRE, Garstang, Barnacre House

(now Sullam Hall)  FR Diary:  1914-15 – ‘‘Waterfalls and rock garden.   Rock garden continued’.   1923 – ‘Little extension’.
D6 4
1914-16 LANCASHIRE, Lytham St Annes, Promenade Gardens and Ashton Gardens  

See Chapter 37.
C6 0
1866-75 LANCASHIRE, Preston, Avenham Park  

Waterfall, Cave etc. Adjoins Miller Park (with which it is jointly graded).   Pumps by Green and Carter.   EH Registered Park and Garden – Open to the public).    Designed by Edward Milner.
D6 0
1912 LANCASHIRE, Preston, Haslam Park  

Artificial lake and double waterfall   Designed by Thomas Mawson.
D6 0
1864-65 LANCASHIRE, Preston, Miller Park / ‘New Park’  

‘Waterfall, Cliffs, Rocky Pond, Drinking Fountain – naturalistic.’   The rockwork features still exist in good condition, and there is a ‘Preston Vase’ listed in the Pulham Catalogue.   Some replicas still remain.   EH Registered Park and Gardens.   Designed by Edward Milner.
D6 0
1865-97 LANCASHIRE, Preston, Moor Park  

‘Rocks for bridges to rest on, Drinking fountain, Rocky tunnel and roadway.’   These features still survive in good condition.   EH Registered Park and Gardens.   Designed by Edward Milner.
D6 0
1903 LANCASHIRE, Rivington, Lever Park  

Bridge and cascades.   Designed by Thomas Mawson.
D6 0
1870 LANCASHIRE, Singleton, Singleton Hall  

‘Cave, Dropping Well’    This feature still exists, but is overgrown.   On private property.
C6 4
1870s WEST YORKSHIRE, Oakworth, Oakworth House, Holden Park  

Large artificial rockwork feature, with grotto, hermit’s cave, summerhouse etc.   Thought to be by Pulham, but not yet confirmed.
D6 0
1848 YORKSHIRE, Pocklington, Kilnwick Percy  

See Chapter 2.
E5 4

2 thoughts on “North

  1. Thanks for including the Oakworth House gardens and grotto; I hope it will encourage more visitors, and a greater exploration of the history of the site.
    Best wishes
    Christine Edmonds

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