. . The Publisher

ACC Publishing Group (incorporating the imprints Antique Collectors’ Club, ACC Editions and Garden Art Press) is a world renowned publisher of definitive books across a wide and varied range of genre.   All of our books are beautifully illustrated and written by highly acclaimed authors.   Over the years we have amassed a vast range of best selling titles on many subjects including: antiques, architecture, art, design, fashion and gardening

ACC is proud to be celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2011.   We believe that throughout our 45 years we have refined the art of publishing to the point where our books are both scholarly and informative, but still eminently readable at all levels.  
Claude Hitching is proud that his

Pulhamite Rock Gardens,

Ferneries, Follies, Grottoes, Fountains
and Terracotta Garden Ornaments

– The Pulham Legacy –

is due to be included among their number.

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