Gazetteer of principal Pulham sites in and around London.

Dates Work Description Grid Ref Visitor Access
1865-70 LONDON, Battersea, Battersea Park 

See Chapter 6.
E8 0
1903-04 LONDON, Buckingham Palace Gardens  

See Chapter 30.
E8 4
1894-95 LONDON, Dulwich, Kingswood House

Supporting wall of the ‘Kingswood Balustrade’ still remains, but the balustrading itself has now been replaced by railings, and the old pond and island is now a lawn and flowerbed.   A ‘Kingswood Terminal’ is also listed in the firm’s Catalogue.
E8 4
1825 LONDON, Hammersmith, King Street / Ravenscourt Park 

See Chapter 1.
E8 0
1830s LONDON, Islington, Duncan Terrace / Highbury Terrace  

See Chapter 2.
E8 0
1867 LONDON, Kensal Green Cemetery

See Chapter 3.
E8 0
1867-68 LONDON, South Kensington, Exhibition Road,   V & A Museum

See Chapter 3.
E8 0
1895-99 LONDON, St James’s Park

Rockwork to lake edge and Cormorant and Pelican islands   EH Registered Park and Gardens.
E8 0
1873-80 LONDON, Streatham, Park Hill

”Fernery and Artificial Ruin of Castle gateway and Tower for summer retreat and view.’    Fernery (since demolished), sunken rockwork walkway, grottoes, bridge and lake, conservatory (now demolished) etc.   EH Folly listed.   Registered Park and Gardens.
E8 3
1870 LONDON, Sydenham Hill

‘Cliff to support a bank, Cave for Seat, Dropping Well, Rocky Footpath.’  Overgrown with Alpines, but the remains of the rocky bank and ‘cave for seat’ can still be seen along the bank in Crescent Wood Road.
E8 0
1863-70 LONDON, Sydenham Hill Wood, ‘The Hoo’ – or possibly ‘Fairwood’

‘Rocky Stream, Ruins etc’.  The ‘stream’ is now a rocky pathway, but the remains of a ‘ruined archway’ folly still remains – even though only half of it is still standing.
E8 0
1874-75 LONDON, Hounslow, Gunnersbury Park 

‘Rocks to Boat House, Bridge, Lake and design for building on the lake (not executed)’.   The Potomac lake – on the edge of which lies the boathouse and rockwork constructed by Pulhams – lies in one corner, of Gunnersbury Park, and is privately owned, so access is not generally available to the public.   There are some other odd remnants of Pulhams’ work – such as a basement fernery and a folly – in other parts of the park, however.   EH Registered Park and Garden.
E8 4
1908 LONDON, Kensington, Sunken Garden, Kensington Palace 

A number of ‘Hyde Park Pot’ – illustrated in the firm’s Catalogue – were provided for the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace.
E8 4
1871-1906 NORTH LONDON, New Barnet, Highland Gardens

‘Rocky Bank forming cliff, with Dropping Well.   For Ferns, Alpines and Shrubs’.   A small but attractive example of Pulham’s work – including an archway near a rocky bank – that is tucked well away from he road.   FR Diary:   ‘1906 – Rock and water garden for Mr Braithwaite’.
E8 4

2 thoughts on “London

  1. Groundwork London are currently working with Wandsworth Homes to restore a series of ponds in Wandsworth which includes several small pulhamite cascades. We are interested in knowing the extent of the importantance of the site?
    Mark Patterson

  2. Hi, Mark,
    These do not appear on the Pulham database, so I would be interested to see some pictures. If genuine, and in reasonable condition, they would well be worth preservation.

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