Pulham Picture Puzzles – Instructions

Click on the picture that you want to assemble, and that will take you to the Playing Board for that picture.

1602 JPP Instructions

The Buttons along the bottom of the Board perform the following functions:

  1. Image  –  Enables you to bring up a small image of the puzzle picture, to guide you with colours and placing etc.   The size of this image can be 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.   This is a toggle switch, so a second click will turn it off.
  2. Ghost  –  Enable you to insert a ‘ghost’ image of the picture on the playing board, which makes it easier to identify picture positions etc.
  3. Arrange / Disarrange  –  Spreads the pieces down the margins of the Board from – or back into – the original ‘heaps’.
  4. Tools  –  Restart / Background / Settings / Help options that allow you to restart the puzzle, set the background colours, opacity and position of the ghost picture, or consult the Help facility.
  5. Maximise / Minimise Toggle (or <Shift + Click>) –  Switches between Full-Screen and Part-Screen mode.

Click on the pieces, and move them around to what you think is its correct position in the picture   When you place two adjoining pieces correctly, they will audibly click into place.