1898-1912 – Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

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London Landscapes – Autumn / Winter 2012

Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy

Claude Hitching

Published by Garden Art Press, for the Antique Collectors Club, Suffolk 2012 – (RRP 235) ISBN 978-1 -87067-376-1

 During the nineteenth and early twentieth century, as new plants flooded into the UK from around the world, rockeries, and decorative rockwork gained in popularity.   Many were built on a grandiose scale to display rare and unusual alpine and mountain plants, both in private gardens and later in public parks.   A large rockery might have mini-ravines, grottoes, waterfalls and even purpose-built caves.  Continue reading “London Landscapes – Autumn / Winter 2012”

1873-80 – Park Hill, Streatham, London

SM 14 – Jul 12

‘Park Hill Mansion’ was one of several very large properties situated on Streatham Common North, in southeast London.   They were once the homes and estates of some very wealthy people – providing, as they did, a commanding view over Streatham, and to the heights of Wimbledon and the Surrey Hills beyond. Continue reading “1873-80 – Park Hill, Streatham, London”

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  • A Pulham fountain is discovered in Rhode Island, New JerseyProbable Pulham garden features are discovered in Dyffryn Gardens and Dumbleton Hall
  • Previously unreported Pulham gardens are discussed for the first time at Chateau Impney. Rosherville Gardens and Headley Park.
  • Pulham gardens at Sunningdale Park, Bearwood College, Leonardslee and Bawdsey Manor pass into new hands.
  • A Pulham Rockwork Trail has been set up at Waddesdon Manor.
  • Great News at Lowewood, but discouraging news at Ewell Court House
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