1888-1913 – ‘The Dell’, Englefield Green, Surrey

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1793-1828 – How It All Began

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1845 – Church of St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Avon

SM 32 – Jan 14

One of the church restoration projects with which Pulhams were involved was the Church of St Mary RedcliffeI, Bristol.   And what a truly magnificent church this is – having once been referred to by Queen Elizabeth I, while on a visit to Bristol in 1547, as ‘the goodliest, fairest, and most famous parish church in England!’ Continue reading “1845 – Church of St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Avon”

London Landscapes – Autumn / Winter 2012

Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy

Claude Hitching

Published by Garden Art Press, for the Antique Collectors Club, Suffolk 2012 – (RRP 235) ISBN 978-1 -87067-376-1

 During the nineteenth and early twentieth century, as new plants flooded into the UK from around the world, rockeries, and decorative rockwork gained in popularity.   Many were built on a grandiose scale to display rare and unusual alpine and mountain plants, both in private gardens and later in public parks.   A large rockery might have mini-ravines, grottoes, waterfalls and even purpose-built caves.  Continue reading “London Landscapes – Autumn / Winter 2012”