1892-1914 – Ewell Court House, Nr Epsom, Surrey

People and Places Discussed and Pictured in Chapter 18 of:

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Alexander Bridges bought Avenue House, and one of his descendants, John Henry Bridges, inherited it on the occasion of his marriage in 1879.   In its place, he built a new three-storey, red brick structure in the ‘Old English’ style, incorporating parts of the old Avenue House, after which it became known as Ewell Court House.

1-5-19-1 - Ewell FountainThe Ewell Fountain and ‘Preston’ Vases   (Picture from the Pulham Garden Ornament Catalogue c1925)

He had some further work carried out later – probably during the early 1890s – including the establishment of several new glasshouses in which to grow all his own produce.   These look similar to others constructed by James Pulham and Son, who are known to have made the large fountain that stood near the house, and the base of which is still there.   They also ‘rockified’ the banks of the stream that flowed through the grounds, and created a boating lake – complete with boathouse and island – and cascades.   The Ewell Court House Organisation – a local group of enthusiastic volunteers, have worked many long hours bringing this lovely spot back to life.


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A full description of the work done by James Pulham and Son at Ewell Court House – together with a number of pictures – can be found in Chapter 18 of Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy the critically-acclaimed and lavishly illustrated definitive story of the lives and work of James Pulham and Son.   Written by Claude Hitching, with featured photography by Jenny Lilly.   Published by Garden Art Press.

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