The links below take you to .pdf copies of Articles and Catalogues published by or about the lives and work of James Pulham and Son.   Due to their size, some of the files may take some time to download.   Click on the Titles and Happy Reading! . . .

1810-27 ‘The Lockwood Reminiscences’
A series of articles written by William Lockwood published under the title of ‘Reniniscences of Woodbridge in Olden Times’, in which a considerable proportion is devoted to his friendahip with James 1 and Obadiah Pulham in their youth.
1827-55 1827-55 – Working With Thomas Smith
Notes on the early work of James 1 and Obadiah Pulham whilst building churches designed by Thomas Smith, the noted Architect and Surveyor based in Hertford.   Based on the unpublished biography of Thomas Smith written by John Corshaw.
1840s Financial Problems of the 1840s
Notes about how James 2 got into financial problems after building his Manufactory in Broxbourne – and of how he got out of them.
1842-43 The Gardens at Woodlands
Notes by members of the John Warner family of the first garden landscaped by James 2 in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.
1845  The Builder – 5 Apr 1845
Full text of a letter written by James 2 on the nature and uses of many types of cement.
1859 ‘The Terracotta Works of James Pulham, Broxbourne’
Copy of an article in ‘The Art Journal’ about James 2’s Manufactory in Broxbourne
1867 1867 – Michael Angelo at the Paris Universal Exhibition
Article written by Michael Angelo Pulham about the terracotta exhibits at the Paris Universal Exhibition
1877 ‘Picturesque Ferneries and Rock Garden Scenery’
Copy of a Booklet written by James 2 about his principles of garden landscaping, and also including a list of his Recommended Plants and a list of Patrons up to publication in 1877.
1898-1935  The Complete Fred Rickett Diaries
Copy of a Diary kept by Fred Rickett – one of James 3’s Foreman Rock Builders – who noted the dates and locations of all the gardens on which he worked.
To be further edited later.
c1925 ‘The Garden Ornament Catalogue
Illustrated Catalogue of vases, urns, seats, fountains and balustrading etc produce in the Broxbourne Manufactory.   Published by James 4.
1920 ‘The Garden Catalogue’
Illustrated Catalogue by James 4 of some of the landscaping styles and features produced by the firm.

2 thoughts on “Archives

  1. I have lived at Ware Park, next to the Manor House, since 1995, and have never seen any sign of a ‘small lake, rockery etc.’ As described in your article on Ware Park. Any idea where they might be located?

  2. Hi Claude,
    I’m so pleased to have found your website! We have an old fernery in our garden at Framfield Place, Framfield near Uckfield, which I believe may have been built by the Pulhams. I wondered if you have found any mentions of Framfield Place (built 1765) in archive please? I see that the Pulhams did work at Sheffield Park, very close by. I am happy to send some photos if you are interested.
    Kind regards,

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