1878-98 – Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff

SM 42 – Nov 14

During the late 1850s, James Harvey Insole – a young colliery proprietor – built a small country house for himself in Llandaff, a leafy suburb of Cardiff.   It was near Ely Road, so he named it Ely Court, but it later became known as Insole CourtContinue reading “1878-98 – Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff”

1872-76 – St Fagans Castle, near Cardiff, Wales

People and Places Discussed and Pictured in Chapter 9 of: Continue reading “1872-76 – St Fagans Castle, near Cardiff, Wales”

Trafodion – Welsh HGT – November 2012

Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy

Rock Gardens, Grottoes, Ferneries, Follies, Fountains and Garden Ornaments

Claude Hirching, with photography by Jenny Lilly

Garden Arr Press, 2012, £35, (£28 if ordered online from wwwanriquecollecrorsclub.com/ uk), 320pp, ISBN 978-1-870673-76-l

 Claude Hitching°s article ‘James Pulham in \Wales’ which appeared in the first issue of Trafodion, anticipated the publication of this ‘big book’, large in format and lavishly illustrated.   The author’s interest in the Pulhams sprang from his researches into his own family history, and the discovery that his grandfather, Frederick Hitching, had worked for the Pulham family firm for over half a century.   The present publication is the culmination of decades of intensive, patient and evidently enjoyable research by Claude Hitching, and is both an impressive ‘business history’ and an appropriate tribute to his grandfather. Continue reading “Trafodion – Welsh HGT – November 2012”