Europe and USA

Gazetteer of principal Pulham sites outside the UK.

Dates Work Description Grid Ref Visitor Access
1891-94 DENMARK, Gisselfeld Manor House  

Artificial lake, waterfall, grotto, subway / tunnel and bridge in the landscaped park on the edge of the Manor House gardens.   Almost certainly constructed under the supervision of James Pulham.   Designed by H E Milner.
1860 FRANCE, Cannes, Villa du Parc

Designed by Thomas Smith, this is a small villa built in a corner of the land on which Thomas Woolfield built the Villa Ste Ursule.   Obadiah was Clerk of Works.
1852-56 FRANCE, Cannes, Villa Ste Ursule (now the Villa Vallombrosa)

See Chapter 2
1857-59 FRANCE, Cannes, Villa Victoria

(Designed by Thomas Smith, and built by Thomas Woolfield adjacent to Christ Church, with Obadiah Pulham as the Clerk of Works)
1859-62 FRANCE; Nice, Church of the Holy Trinity

See Chapter 2
1865-66 GERMANY,  Stuttgart, St Catherine’s Church

See Chapter 2
1862-65 ITALY, Naples, Christ Church

See Chapter 2
1887 TURKEY, Istanbul, Sale Pavilion, Yildiz Palace

This is just a suggestion.   The Sultan built the Sale Palace to house important foreign visitors, and had his gardens designed   in the Victorian English style.   They include a tufa-built grotto and fernery that could easily have been by Pulhams, although no record exists to say they ever worked in Turkey.   Perhaps there is a possibility that the contractor was the same person who constructed the gardens at Gisselfeld, in Denmark.
1862 USA, Las Vegas, Bellagio Casino Hotel

See Chapter 3


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  1. Hello Claude – Looks like a wonderful book – I look foward to its publication – Janet Sanders nee Stracey.

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