July 2014 – News Letter

Dear All,

I hope you are having an enjoyable start to the summer, and that the following notes relating to our own activities will be of interest.

Pulham Garden Crafts Ltd Triumph at Chelsea

Valerie Christman’s father, Jack Sexton, has won a number of awards at the Chelsea Show over the past several years, and Val has been actively involved in assisting with the garden designs and construction.   She did not design a garden for Chelsea this year, but her newly-formed company, Pulham Garden Crafts Ltd was contracted to construct ‘The Mind’s Eye Garden’ – a garden designed by LDC Landscape Contractors, of Guildford, Surrey, and inspired by a joint scheme between Countryside Properties PLC and the RNIB to redevelop the existing RNIB Community Living Service facilities at Redhill, Surrey.

140701 - Mind's Eye at Chelsea ‘The Mind’s Eye’ Garden at Chelsea 2014   (Designed by LDC Landscape Contractors; sponsored by Countryside Properties PLC as a Joint Scheme with the RNIB, and constructed by Pulham Garden Crafts Ltd)

The Garden was entered in the ‘Fresh Gardens’ Category, which champions innovation and creativity, challenging designers to think outside the traditional perceptions of a Chelsea garden.   It was the brainchild of designer Tom Prince – who made his Chelsea debut this year – and developed in partnership with Alex Frazier, LDC’s landscape architect.   They worked closely with RNIB to ensure the garden was inspired by the experiences of sight loss by using textures, sounds, tastes and smells to stimulate all the senses, so that the garden could be enjoyed equally by blind and partially sighted people, as well as those who can see.

Water was used as a way-finder, with a series of deep, dark rills running through the four climatic planting zones of the garden – open woodland; damp shady woodland; a temperate prairie border, and an arid Mediterranean border.   Naturalistic planting covered horizontal and vertical plant beds to contrast and soften the hard landscaping, and a glass cube at the centre was partially covered in moving water, designed to refract light and offer a stimulating visual experience.   The south side of the garden was dominated by a granite rock face, characterised with crevices, moss, ferns, and dripping water, whilst the western wall encouraged visitors to touch and explore the aromatic planting panels.

Not only did the ‘Mind’s Eye Garden’ win a Gold Award, but it was also awarded the ‘Best in Show’ in the ‘Fresh Gardens’ Category, so Very Many Congratulations to Val for the vital part that Pulham Garden Crafts Ltd played in the achievement of these coveted Awards!

‘The Pulhams of Broxbourne’ Presentations

Val and I did two Presentations in June – one for the Goffs Oak Horticultural Society, and the other for the Amwell Society.   They are both quite small groups – we got around 30 people to each one – but we were very encouraged to overhear someone comment that, ‘. . . of all the presentations we have had over the past few years, this was the best – BY FAR!’

We were especially thrilled to discover that people had travelled from far and wide to see us, which just goes to demonstrate the power of the Internet.   Mark Gregory – Managing Director of Landform Landscape Designers – has a particular interest in the gardens created by the Pulhams, and traveled all the way from Chobham, in Surrey, to see us at Goffs Oak (a round trip of 110 miles), whilst Mandy Clark traveled the 150 miles round trip from Lamberhurst, near Tunbridge Wells, to meet us at Great Amwell.

You may recall that, last year, we were able to add Elmstone Court, Preston, near Canterbury, to the list of recorded Pulham sites – see https://pulham.org.uk/2013/05/22/25-june-2013-elmstone-courtm-nr-canterbury-kent/ – well, Mandy works at a house in Lamberhurst where we think we are on the verge of rediscovering another unrecorded Pulham Garden.   That is particularly exciting for us, and we are looking forward to investigating this further very soon, so I hope to be able to report on our conclusions in the next News Letter.

Our next two Presentations are:

Projector Screen 4Thursday, 25th September 2014 at 8 p.m.

for the Hertfordshire Libraries

At Hoddesdon Library,98a High Street, Hoddesdon, EN11 8HD

 Friday, 21st November 2014 at 8 p.m.

for the Waltham Abbey Society

at the Baptist Church , Paradise Road, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1RL.

 The Hoddesdon venue is of particular interest, because James 2 moved to Hoddesdon in 1842, and set up his Headquarters in what is now The Sun Inn, in Amwell Street.   He then moved to neighbouring Broxbourne in 1845, where he built himself a new house, and the adjacent Manufactory in which he and his younger brother, Michael Angelo Pulham, created and produced their wide range of terracotta garden ornaments.   It is therefore quite possible that a number of local people will have some ancestral connections with the firm, and we look forward to seeing some of them here.

Hoddesdon Library can accommodate up to about 60 people.   Mark Gregory and Mandy Clark thought their journeys were well worthwhile, and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, so why not come along and join us?   If you are already booked for that date, then we shall be in Waltham Abbey on Friday, 21st November.   We shall be delighted to see you, so please let me know if you need any further information.   Alternatively, maybe your own local group would like us to come and talk to them sometime? . . .

‘PL1’ – Your Key to A Very Special Offer

There has apparently been some occasional confusion about the terms of the Special Promotion that allows me to offer:

AGS1 - Rock Landscapes Front CoverRock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy


 Claude Hitching

 With Featured Photography by

Jenny Lilly

 Published by Garden Art Press – R.R.P = £35 andAmazon Price at £33.25

 At the Very Special Price of £25 (incl P&P)

 This price includes a P&P charge of £4, which means that the Offer is really equivalent to a Net Price of (25 – 4 =) £21 for the book – i.e., a massive discount of 40% on the R.R.P. of £35!   This is not immediately obvious when processing the order through the ACC website, however, because the discount calculations are actually divided into two parts – i.e., a special ‘Promotion Discount’ of 25%, followed by afurther ‘Customer Loyalty Discount’ of 20%.   Just follow the instructions below, and all will become clear.

  1. Visit www.pulham.org.uk,
  2. Go to the Buy The Bookpage  140701 - Prom 1 - Buy the Book
  1. Click on the Antique Collectors Club logo.   This will take you directly to the product page on the ACC website, which will invite you to Look Inside if you want to check out a few pages before committing to a purchase.   140702 - Prom 2 - Go to ACC
  1. Click on the + symbol to confirm your purchase, and then click on the ‘Checkout’ button  140703 - Prom 3 - Confirm Choice


  1. Enter the code ‘PL1’ in the Promotion Code box at the top of that page, and click on the ‘Apply’ button.   This updates your invoice with the 25% ‘Promotion Discount’, bringing the net price of the book down to £26.25.   Click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button.  140704 - Prom 4 - Apply PL1


  1. Register to create a New Account.   This will entitle you to a further ‘Customer Loyalty Discount of 20%, bringing the Net Price of the book down from £26.25 to £21.
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£4 P&P will be added for UK customers.   Overseas rates will vary.

Don’t forget that this book will make:

 A Wonderful Book to Own,and the Perfect Present for a Garden-Loving Friend

But don’t just take my word for it – if you are still not convinced, read what the Professional Reviewers had to say:

 ‘This is a wonderful book . . .’                          London Landscapes

 ‘Excellent . . A brilliant piece of work.’           Amateur Gardening

 ‘Magnificent hardback . . .’                   Hertfordshire Countryside

 ‘Wonderfully illustrated book . . .’                         Follies Magazine

 Have an enjoyable Summer, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours Sincerely,



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