News Flash – August 2013

Danesfield House

Henley-on-Thames, SL7 2EY

Book Signing

NGS Open Days – August 2013

Danesfield House, Henley-on-Thames, will be throwing open their wonderful Pulham gardens to the public for another four days this year.   The dates are

Thursday, 1st, TUesday 6th, Thursday 8th and Tuesday 13th August.  

These gardens are deecribed in Chapter 28 of

Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy

so nobody who has read that can have any doubts about the pleasures in store.   Dating from the early years of the 20th Century, this is one of the best-preserved and maintained of all of Pulhmas’ later gardens, and contains many features that, together, display the very wide range of their skills and versatility to freat advantage.  

Danesfield Display Combo 1200 x 300

          Rock Garden                   Parterre Fountain             Italian Water Garden

Starting from the Orangery at the rear of the house – which is now a great restaurant – one steps out onto a broad, balustraded terrace, with steps that lead down to the parterre, in the center of which is an immaculately decorated trefoil terracotta fountain.   Go down to the path at the bottom of the gardens, and turn left, and, in a few strides, you will come to the foot of the terraced rock garden.   Pause to look around, and then move on to a flight of stpes on your left, and go up to the beautifully peaceful Italian Water Garden, with a figure of Cupid at the top of a column in the centre of the pool.

There is more balustrading around this garden, and, if you go down the stpes, and through the doorway beneath the balcony on the right, you will come to the steep valley that runs up from the side of the hill overlooking the Thames.   There is an artificial stream that runs along the floor of this valley – it was originally Pulhamite-lined, but has since been restored – and, if you follow this up to the top, you come to the artificial cascade.   The flow of water is controlled from a small pump-house concealed in the bank of the stream near the top.

Retrace your steps through the Italian garden, and walk back up to the house across the wide meadow, and you pass a massiv semi-circular seat on the way to the end of the terrace.   There is so much to see here – it is all beautifully maintained, and it was all originally laid out by James Pulham and Son.

Claude Hitching will be there between 2.30 and 4.30 p.m.  on

Tuesday, 13th August

to sign copies of his critically-acclaimed book,

Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy

The Perfect Present for a Garden-Loving Friend

at the specially reduced price of

£28 per copy.  

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to obtain this beautifully-illustrated book, and meet the Author personally.   He and Val Christman will be delighted to meet you.

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