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This is NOT a Business Site, so we are unable to process financial transactions.   ACC Art Books have now ceased their Direct Sales Operation and channel their sales via Amazon (£29 + P&P), Waterstones (£35 + P&P) and Hive (£27 + P&P) so, if you prefer to buy through them at R.R.P., click on the button on the left.    However, we have made special arrangements with ACC Art Books to enable our Visitors to purchase a copy of ‘Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy’ at the Specially Discounted price of:

(£21 + £4 P&P) = £25 (incl. P & P)

by contacting their Customer Service Advisor, Lauren Kerr by

Telephone on:    01394 389988 (8.30 a.m. – 12.15 p.m.)

Email at:

and quoting Promotional Code:   ‘PL1’

Send or quote to her your Name, Address, Telephone Number and Credit / Debit Card Details – Sorry, no PayPal – and she will do the rest.  Please note that she will be unable to take orders over the Christmas period, and all enquiries received between Wednesday, 23rd December and Monday, 4th January will be dealt with on her return.   Thank you for your patience – but it will be well worth the wait!

Alternatively, you can order direct via Amazon, but that will cost more

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Buy from

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4 thoughts on “Book Shop

  1. Stunning photography of beautifyfull places. The Pelham stone has stood the test of time. I have already put my details with Claude Hitching to purchase a copy.

  2. Have put this book on my Birthday list. I have been in awe of the amazing structures built with this ‘rock’ since I visited Madresfield Hall Worcestershire some years ago. Looking forward to a good read.

  3. I’d just like to say thank you for the book Rock Landscapes – The Pulham Legacy. I’ve enjoyed reading it so much & feel the balance of text & illustrations just right.
    On the subject of Pulhams & their work there are a few sites I’ve visited that display Pulhamesque type of work & wonder if you checked these out. Ascott, the NT property near Wing in Buckinghamshire, Wrest Park, the EH property at Silsoe in Bedfordshire & Dyffrn, the NT property at St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan. Also in private hands but a possible site is Park Place, near Henley-on-Thames (the property is actually in Berkshire)

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