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140613 - PL1 Promotion Image‘PL1’ – Your Key to A Very Special exclusive Offer

  • click on the Antique Collectors Club logo.   This will take you directly to the product page on the ACC website, which will invite you to ‘Look Inside’ if you want to check out a few pages before committing to a purchase.
  • Click on the ‘+’ symbol to confirm your purchase; register, and proceed to Checkout.   When you register, you will automatically become entitled to a 20% ‘Loyalty Discount’, which reduces the price of the book from £35 to £28.
  • enter the code ‘PL1’ in the ‘Promotion Code’ box at the top of that page, and this will entitle you to a further 25% discount, bringing the net price down from £28 to £21.   Postage of £4 will be added, to bring the final total to £25.

Buy from

Buy from

The Antique Collectors Club

  • If you are not keen on buying things on the internet, you can place an order by telephone on 01394 389950.
  • You just need to quote the code ‘PL1’ when you place your order.

This book will make:

131100 - Wonderful Book to Own

So there’s no excuse.   Not only that but, if you would like a ‘Signed Copy’, send me an s.a.e. at:

Mr Claude Hitching
11 Asquith House
Guessens Road
Welwyn Garden City

And I will be happy to send you a Signed Sticker that you can stick to the front page of your book.

2 responses to “Buy the Book

  1. John R Garlick

    Stunning photography of beautifyfull places. The Pelham stone has stood the test of time. I have already put my details with Claude Hitching to purchase a copy.

  2. Have put this book on my Birthday list. I have been in awe of the amazing structures built with this ‘rock’ since I visited Madresfield Hall Worcestershire some years ago. Looking forward to a good read.

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