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35 – Apr 14 – 1872-75 – Brighton Aquarium

1872-75 – The Aquarium, Brighton, Sussex

Right in the centre of Brighton’s seafront, in Sussex, is what is now known as the Sea Life Centre. It started life as ‘The Aquarium’, and was officially opened to the public by H.R.H. Prince Arthur in 1872, and has drawn more than fifty million visitors from both England and abroad throughout its long and varied history. Continue reading

34 – Mar 14 – 1871-1906 – Highland Gardens, New Barnet

1871-1906 – Highland Gardens, New Barnet, Greater London

There is a small, little-known public space in New Barnet that was once a private garden, where James Pulham and Son went in 1871 to construct a . .

‘Rocky bank, forming cliff, with Dropping Well.   For Ferns, Alpines and Shrubs’ Continue reading

33 – Feb 14 – 1865-92 – Poles Park, Ware, Hertfordshire

One of James 2’s more local patrons of the 1860s was Robert Hanbury, who lived at Hanbury Manor, Poles Park, near Ware, in Hertfordshire, about five miles from the manufactory.   Robert Hanbury - a senior partner in Truman, Hanbury and Buxton, one of the biggest brewing firms in London at that time – inherited Hanbury Manor in 1847.  He was a keen horticulturist, and, in 1865, engaged James 2 to construct a:

‘Conservatory, fernery and dropping well.’ Continue reading

32 – Jan 14 – 1845 – St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

1845 – Church of St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Avon

One of the church restoration projects with which Pulhams were involved was the Church of St Mary RedcliffeI, Bristol.   And what a truly magnificent church this is – having once been referred to by Queen Elizabeth I, while on a visit to Bristol in 1547, as ‘the goodliest, fairest, and most famous parish church in England!’ Continue reading

31 – Dec 13 – 1864-67 – The Preston Parks

1864-67 – The Preston Parks, Lancashire

James 2’s Contribution to the Parks Movement

The ‘Parks Movement’ in Great Britain began during the 1830s and ‘40s as a result of the bad living conditions that had developed in the towns during the early years of the industrial revolution.   Continue reading

November 2013 – News Letter

  • ‘PL1’ – Your Key to A Very Special Christmas Offer
  • A Most Interesting Approach from NADFAS
  • We Mark the Passing of a Truly Remarkable Lady
  • The ‘Pulhams of Broxbourne’ Presentations go to Wales
  • ‘PL1’ – A Final Reminder . . . Continue reading

30 – Nov 13 – Knebworth House, Hertfordshire

  1896  -  Knebworth House, Hertfordshire

James 2 died on 11th August 1898, and, in its edition dated 29th August, the ‘Hertfordshire Mercury’ published an obituary that reads:

‘We regret to announce the death of My James Pulham (the head of the well-known firm of Pulham and Son) terracotta manufacturers and rock workers, of Finsbury Square and Broxbourne, which took place, after about a week’s illness, on the 11th inst at Tottenham, where he had resided for the last fifteen years.   Continue reading