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July 2014 – News Letter

Dear All,

I hope you are having an enjoyable start to the summer, and that the following notes relating to our own activities will be of interest. Continue reading

38 – Jul 14 – 1885-93 – Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire

1885-93 – Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire

Bletchley Park, fifty miles northwest of London, became the home of Herbert Leon, a wealthy City of London financier, stockbroker, newspaper proprietor, company director and MP.   He built the mansion as a home for his family in 1883, and developed sixty acres of the surrounding land into a country estate.   The Gardeners’ Chronicle reported in 1893 that, in ten years, Sir Herbert had: Continue reading

37 – Jun 14 – 1887-91 – A Tale of Two Ferneries

         1887-91 – A Tale of Two Ferneries


In an Appendix to his booklet, Picturesque Ferneries and Rock Garden Scenery, James 2 lists quite a number of clients for whom the firm built ‘large’ or ‘small’ ferneries, although these were invariably for private clients whose houses no longer exist, or are difficult to trace.   Since the booklet was published c1877, it obviously provides no references to any work done after that date.

Thanks to some of those invaluable pieces of ‘information received’, it has been possible to identify later Pulham ferneries, some of which – such as the ones at Dewstow, Merrow Grange and Warren House – are described in Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy.   This article discusses two more that are well worthy of mention.   One is still in excellent condition, and the other is not, but that is not the only comparison that can be made between these ferneries and their owners . . . Continue reading

May 2014 – News Letter

Dear All,

Forthcoming Presentations in Hertfordshire

This is my first News Letter for some time, but that does not mean that I have been sitting around doing nothing!   In fact, quite a lot has been going on, but this must stay behind the scenes for the moment, and I hope to be able to make some important and interesting announcements sometime soon.   In the meantime, Valerie Christma and I have three more Presentations booked in Hertfordshire over the next few months, and we look forward to seeing as many of our friends and ‘followers’ there as possible. Continue reading

36 – May 14 – 1879-85 – Bearwood College, Wokingham, Berkshire

1879-85 – Bearwood College, Wokingham, Berkshire

John Walter II, the then chief proprietor of The Times newspaper, purchased the 8,000 acre Bearwood estate in Wokingham, Berkshire, in 1816, and commissioned William Gilpin to landscape the gardens between 1819-20 – a commission inherited by David Stewart c1822.[i] Continue reading

35 – Apr 14 – 1872-75 – Brighton Aquarium

1872-75 – The Aquarium, Brighton, Sussex

Right in the centre of Brighton’s seafront, in Sussex, is what is now known as the Sea Life Centre. It started life as ‘The Aquarium’, and was officially opened to the public by H.R.H. Prince Arthur in 1872, and has drawn more than fifty million visitors from both England and abroad throughout its long and varied history. Continue reading

34 – Mar 14 – 1871-1906 – Highland Gardens, New Barnet

1871-1906 – Highland Gardens, New Barnet, Greater London

There is a small, little-known public space in New Barnet that was once a private garden, where James Pulham and Son went in 1871 to construct a . .

‘Rocky bank, forming cliff, with Dropping Well.   For Ferns, Alpines and Shrubs’ Continue reading