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Thursday, 12th march 2015

St Mary’s Parish Church Annexe, Ware, SG12 9BA

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The Swiss Garden, Old Warden, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 9EP

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44 – Jan 15 – 1865-71 – Bromley Palace Gardens, Kent

There are two small examples of the Pulhams’ work in the Palace Gardens – now the Town Hall and Civic Centre – in Bromley, Kent. A plan of the gardens, with the Pulham sites marked, is shown in Fig 1. Continue reading

43 – Dec 14 – 1827-49 – Working with Thomas Smith


Chapters 1 and 2 of Rock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy deals with the early years in the lives and work of the Pulham family, but there was insufficient space available to go into too much detail about their building projects with Thomas Smith.   The purpose of this month’s ‘Site of the Month’ feature is to fill in some of the gaps. Continue reading

November 2014 – News Letter – Part 2

. . . / Continued from Part 1

4 – Abberley Hall, Worcestershire

Abberley Hall was first brought to my attention in 2011 by one of the Trustees of the Abberley Hall Foundation, who told me that they had a fine example of a Pulham garden, and were putting together an application for a restoration grant from the Country House Foundation. Continue reading

November 2014 – News Letter – Part 1

Dear All,

I hope you have had an enjoyable summer, and that the following notes relating to our own activities will be of interest.

‘The Pulhams of Broxbourne’ Presentations

Following a short summer break, Val and I did a presentation for Hertfordshire Libraries at the Hoddesdon Library on Thursday, 25th September, and another for the Ware Society at the Ware Priory on Wednesday, 29th October.   Continue reading

42 – Nov 14 – 1878-98 – Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff

During the late 1850s, James Harvey Insole – a young colliery proprietor – built a small country house for himself in Llandaff, a leafy suburb of Cardiff.   It was near Ely Road, so he named it Ely Court, but it later became known as Insole CourtContinue reading

Chapter 44b – 2005-10 – The Power of the Internet (Part 2)

People and P7laces Discussed and Pictured in Chapter 44 of: more

Chapter 44 – 2005-10 – The Power of the Internet (Part 1)

People and Places Discussed and Pictured in Chapter 44 of: more